« What is InApp? » We get that question a lot at Symplify.

Whenever we hear the word app we have a tendency to associate it with a smartphone. Some crazy game driving teens nuts, or an app that tells you when it’s time to walk around a bit. The list is endless. Without sounding patronizing “app” of course stands for application, and well, aside from your smartphone, most other things on the web are applications of sorts.

So when we say InApp, we mean In Application, so for example on your website you currently have and run. Say you have a website that is selling shoes and you want to promote a new pair of sneakers just released by Nike. Email? Sure why not, try pull in some reactivations. SMS? Absolutely, try and bag that sale while someone has their phone open on the train on the way to work.

But, as is so often the case, what about those good old loyal customers that are currently browsing your website? Do you want them to close your site so they can fire up their sms app to see what you sent them? No. You want to upsell to those customers while they are in the heat of the moment on your actual site and this is precisely what Symplify’s InApp channel allows you to do. All you have to do is create a message in Symplifys InApp channel that you want the user to see, click send and the logged in user will get this message in front of them on your site.

Better still, is someone browsing those brand new sneakers from NIKE, but for one reason or another they withdrew from the page? Why not send an InApp message? Ask them why they did not complete their purchase. Could be a simple case of their shoe size not being in stock, so once it is in stock you can send them a trigger email/sms/push alerting them that it is ready to buy.

Don’t throw away your on page leads. Turn them into sales with Symplify’s InApp channel!