Symplify makes the email marketer’s life easy. Simple. Painless. Take email templates, or what we at Symplify call Boilerplates and Skins. How many hours have you spent coding and tailoring each one to your specifications? Fiddled with copy and struggled with the demands of brand guidelines? Each detail is important. Now, what if you could rely on a solution that’s dependable, consistent, and gets you out the door in time for cocktail hour or your kid’s football game? Now that’s a winning proposition.

We feel your pain; impactful email marketing traditionally takes time, requires investment in development and needs to comply with stringent regulations that can vary from market to market. There’s no cutting corners. There is, however, a way to deliver strong results without wasting time you could be spending on creative. The devil, as they say, is in the details. And details are where we excel.

Save Time

Right now, you’re creating an email from scratch with each deployment. You’re spending time and energy coming up with an effective design and struggling to code your email. Time on quality control, ensuring that there are no issues with this new Boilerplate. Time running after approvals, yet again. Time better spent on things like creative. Isn’t it time you found a better way?

Increase Revenue

How many sales have you missed, and how much revenue have you lost, because required development time means that you can’t turn around quickly enough to take advantage of a narrow window of opportunity? With Symplify, you can count on a simple, efficient solution that gets you in front of your customers faster, whether you work with an agency or do the work in-house.

Ensure Compliance

By designing and coding each email campaign from scratch, you not only increase the chance of error, you also increase the likelihood that you’ll forget something legally critical like an unsubscribe link. Symplify offers you a customizable, yet turnkey solution that will ensure you always remain GDPR, CAN-SPAM and CASL-compliant.

The Details (and the Devil)

Email isn’t print. Email marketers need to consider issues like space, rendering, inbox filters and responsive display. Most providers either require significant HTML coding, or limit your choice to a series of preset Boilerplates. At Symplify, we don’t believe you should need to reinvent the wheel with each campaign, but we don’t believe you should compromise on your vision, either. Our goal is to free you up to spend time on what really counts: the creative. And we want to get you out of the door, with fewer grey hairs, so that you can enjoy life and re-energize.

Symplify gets you started with a fully customizable, responsive Boilerplate that is proven to be effective, while giving you room to flex your creative muscles. There’s virtually no coding required on your part. You don’t need any prior technical knowledge to be able to understand our interface. You access easy-to-use building blocks and design a Boilerplate that works for you, secure in the knowledge that you won’t miss a step in the process. Simply drag your choice of blocks into your Boilerplate, add your skin and tweak until you’re satisfied. We’ve done all the testing for you, and we’re confident that our Boilerplate will meet virtually all of your messaging needs. Pre-coded, with locked in compliance requirements, the Symplify Boilerplate takes the pain out of quality approval. Set all your recurring elements like branding, corporate information and unsubscribe links up once. Sit back, confident that everything you need is already in place. From that point on, we handle the details… and the Devil.

At Symplify, we’ve got your back.