In Sweden, we have a saying « De lovar guld och gröna skogar », (translation: They promise gold and green forests). Now, that may not make a lot of sense in today’s modern society but we like to think that it meant something to our ancestors, the good old Vikings. So, what did it mean? And how does it translate to the modern marketer that wants nothing more than to create the best possible campaigns?

Swedes might not be the best storytellers, but at Symplify we take pride in the fact that we’ve been around for almost twenty years, providing a platform for all companies who want to excel in their marketing. And as the digital landscape has grown, so have we…

Looking back at what we did twenty years ago, we are proud of what we accomplished in those early years. We were a dedicated team and, even as a startup, worked with large companies who believed in us. They trusted us and believed in us. And we are grateful for that. They relied on us to create cool solutions for them. And we did.

Since those early years, we’ve continued developing Symplify and adding unique features and channels. Opening up in Asia faced us with a game changing scenario resulting in us developing app push. The growth of Social channels meant that we had to meet that possibility in Symplify. Along came our data driven customers requesting possibilities to reach consumers with channels such as Dynamic Web (InApp, App Push etc).

Today, we offer what is considered to be one of the most state-of-the-art communication platforms on the market. We are integrated with all the big solutions so that your data can be collected from any source and flow in any direction you want.

So, to bring this story together, gold and green forests… Well, we claim, that by using Symplify, you will receive pot after pot of gold, in medals and recognition for making intelligent emotional communication. And the green forests? Well, we are a Swedish based company with offices throughout the world. We are digital and are doing all that we can to keep a clean footprint so that we can keep providing the most powerful system for all your communication and marketing automation.

We’ve built Symplify from scratch meaning that we’ve never had to make any compromises and that’s what makes us unique. That is more or less unheard of in our business where acquisitions are part of everyday life.

If you’re still not convinced why you should work with us, check this out!