Email Marketers! Are you aware that the beautifully constructed email that you carefully designed on your desktop computer, may become a microscopic image when viewed on a mobile phone?

The text is unreadable, unless you have a magnifying glass!!

These days, a majority of marketing emails are viewed on a mobile device. With more than 50% of your audience viewing your email on a mobile device; image and text rendering is crucial for making it easy for your customer to view your message, click the offer, and make a purchase (aka a Conversion!!)

If that isn’t reason enough, making purchases with a mobile device is expected to reach more than 1/3 of total ecommerce purchases and continue to grow. Your customers are more willing than ever to make purchases using their phone.

The time is now to make the move to responsive design for your marketing emails!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Responsive Design: By using responsive design in your email, the content becomes more ”fluid” and will adapt depending on the device used to view your email message. This means that the image will resize, the text will move to fit the screen. Your 2 or 3 column list of offers will reconfigure on a smaller screen to stack into a single column (instead of shrinking to fit!!).

Image Size: Using the best image size and image quality is important. Mobile phone screens may be small but they handle high resolution images well. A high-resolution image will not degrade or get fuzzy when being rendered in responsive design email for different sized screens.

Avoid Using Text Over Image: Using text over a background image will cause the text to shrink when the image resizes in a responsive design email. Separating images and text will keep the text size consistent and enable your images to resize nicely to fit the device screen.

Menus with Pipes and Borders: Certain content that is typical in emails viewed on a desktop, do not translate well to a mobile device and should be avoided. If you need to included this type of content, make sure that you test before sending to see how it might look for your customers.

Social Media Icons: It is very common to put social media icons in the bottom corner of an email. The simplest and most effective way of integrating social icons is to center them at the bottom of your email. Responsive design of your email will accommodate the social medial icons for both desktop and mobile without affecting visibility.

Conclusion: With research reporting that up to 70% of people will not open or read an email that does not render or display well on their device, it is a step well worth the effort for an email marketer to use responsive design in their emails.

Don’t know where to start? Symplify makes responsive design a core function in our messaging platform. Go to to schedule a chat with one of our messaging experts.