As digital marketers, we are in a complicated relationship with our subscribers. Today, subscribers are more demanding and have higher expectations of us. And like any relationships, subscribers don’t stay static.  At different points in their lifecycle with your brand, subscribers will evolve and migrate from one stage to another.  If we want to keep them, we need to offer different types of messaging so that they stay engaged and feel loved.

That is why one of our key responsibilities is to monitor the migration trends of our subscribers. We need to be able to react to changes in the subscriber’s behaviours quickly.  But how do you do this when you’re responsible for 100,000s or even millions of subscribers?

One technique that you can try is our L.O.VE analysis.  This analysis uses data that you already have on your subscribers and segments them into groups based on their historical transactions and behaviourial activities with your program.

L” refers to the subscriber’s loyalty or longevity.  Basically, how long have they been part of your program?  Did they just signed up or have they been subscribed for years?

O” refers to the subscriber’s obsession.  Do they always open your message or never? When was the last time they engaged with your brand?

VE” refers to the subscriber’s value.  How much has the subscriber produced for you? For example, what is the average dollar amount of their purchase, donation or the number of impressions they have generated?  Basically, how often does the subscriber positively react to your message and converts on the call to action? How likely will the subscriber do what you wanted them to do?

By analyzing your subscribers on these dimensions, you’ll be able to segment your base into multiple subscriber personas. Here are a few examples:

« The Champion »

A subscriber with high loyalty, high obsession, and high value is your “champion.”  This type of subscriber is the best and most engaged subscriber.  This subscriber is most likely to convert on any request you ask of them.  You will want to do everything to keep them and find more of them.

« The Emerging Hero »

A subscriber with low loyalty (because they are new), medium to high obsession, and medium to high conversion is your “emerging hero.”  This type of subscriber has exhibit traits that suggest they could be one of your best customers.  You will want to nurture them and ask them to do more.

« The Falling Hero »

A subscriber with high loyalty (been with you for a long time), low obsession, and medium to low value is your “falling hero.”  This type of subscriber is showing trends of churning and becoming dormant.  They need some special attention and should be targeted with a re-engagement campaign.

These are just some of the insights you’ll be able to discover using the L.O.VE analysis. Now that you know who your subscribers are, you are empowered to develop innovative campaigns for them that will grow your list, retain your best and recover those that are worth saving.

This analysis is also your starting point for customer journeys that will automatically detect when a subscriber migrates from one stage into another stage and trigger a program tailored just for them.

Now, go and show your subscribers some love.