Now, it may sound strange talking about print or direct marketing in the modern digital age, but did you know that print has an opening rate of over 80%?

Our days (for those of us old enough to remember it) of rooting through a physical mailbox, sorting out the junk mail from the actual pile of mail are behind us. Nowadays, when we use the term junk mail, we think more of our digital inboxes packed with cheap viagra and free iPhones.

The fact is that print has now taken on an almost romantic integrity and therefore, it makes sense that it should form part of your on-boarding strategy. There is a lot of competition for share of voice, so get the edge by surprising your customers with personalised print.

With Symplify, you edit and send your own print campaigns from the very same editor you create all your other send outs with. All you need to do is simply click send! Gone are the days when running to the printers clutching a USB stick and stuffing envelopes at your desk. You have the data, all you need to do now is create your send out and click send.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you can create in the Symplify Print channel, for instance:

  • Hands up all those who wouldn’t appreciate a glossy birthday card waiting for you on your special day. Make it unique by adding personalised offers.
  • As we are closing in on busy December and Christmas – why not create a personalised advent calendar? For each door, you can create personalised offers based on what your customers purchased up until the day prior to opening. Now that is adding a little bit of magic to this channel, don’t you think?
  • Another fantastic example of this channel in action is adding important stuff like invoicing to your customer journeys. Follow up using print, say if the digital invoice happens to go under the radar or the email address no longer is available.
  • Measure activity (just like you do in all the other channels in the Symplify platform) by using QR codes. Pssst, we happen to have a QR code generator in our platform so this really is as simple as one two three…

In short, boost your reach today and incorporate print into your communication plan.

We are more than happy to help you out but once you realise how easy this is, is it still ok if we come around for coffee sometimes?

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