The email newsletter is marketing’s workhorse. Other channels are more like Arabian horses, made for show jumping. Or like the flamboyant Lipizzaner stallions, who dazzle when trotted out.

So why invest in a workhorse when a Lipizanner seems more exciting? It’s simple. No other channel consistently delivers similarly strong results at a low cost. The email newsletter’s ROI is beyond compare. Year after year, it remains the best performing digital channel in the marketer’s stable.

A recent study by the UK’s Direct Marketing Association couldn’t make the case more clearly: not only is email marketing reliable from an ROI perspective, its ROI is actually on the rise. The DMA’s study was the first since the introduction of GDPR regulations in May 2018. Industry apprehension that regulatory changes would have a negative impact on ROI turned out to be premature. We now know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Study results show that email ROI in a post GDPR world have actually increased from £32 to £42 for every pound spent. Lifetime value (LTV) of each individual email address has also risen sharply by 33% year-on-year.

So why don’t more organizations have email newsletters? The two challenges often cited by marketers are:

  • The time and effort to build an attractive layout to showcase the content.
  • Finding and managing relevant content to publish in the newsletter
  • Symplify addresses both problems by making email newsletter easy.

Getting to know Symplify’s email newsletter platform

Symplify’s solution offers several advantages to marketers seeking to maximize newsletter ROI:

✓ Technically challenged? Symplify’s email boilerplate engine allows you to quickly and easily create any number of re-usable templates for your email communications. Without any prior technical knowledge, you can edit the layout of your email newsletter efficiently by adding, changing or deleting content blocks. Simply drag and drop the content block you want to use into the template. Re-configure the template as often as you need until you’re satisfied.

✓ Happy with your template? Simply cut and paste your text and images into the appropriate content block of your newsletter.

✓ Want to save time? To make your life even easier, Symplify can automatically resize images and import content from your website or other online sources directly into your template. All imported content would be fully formatted to match the design of the email newsletter.

✓ Need a mobile template? Not a problem. Symplify boilerplates are automatically responsive and mobile-friendly. No extra work is required.

✓ Want support when you need it? As always, at Symplify we’ve got your back. If you need help building out your email newsletter, simply provide a sketch of the options you want to see and our design team will help you pull them all together.


Email newsletters help promote your brand and keep it top of mind. They allow you to share your successes and showcase new innovations. You have a lot to share. Symplify’s platform makes it easy for you to reach the communities you care about while taking full advantage of the strong ROI email marketing provides.

So the next time you pick your horse, choose email newsletters from Symplify. It’s not a gamble; it’s a sound investment.

Interested in taking your email newsletter to the next level? 

This is the first blog post of a four-part series on email newsletters. Stay tuned to find out how Symplify’s email newsletter innovations can help you increase your key metrics.