“Membership has its privileges”. Like most successful admen, the one who coined this famous tagline had a firm grasp of human psychology. Gorden Bowen clearly understood that everyone yearns to access some exclusive club or another. After all, he worked at Ogilvy at the time. The genius behind that tagline helped define Bowen’s career.

Enter InApp Messaging (IAM).

Also known as in-browser or web messaging, InApp allows marketers to identify and reward returning app and website visitors through personalized messages tailored to their preferences. You can help guide them through their own personal customer journey by providing information, notifications, updates or requests. InApp tends to make use of content-rich messages which meet a user’s immediate needs. Because of this, InApp can play a valuable role in the onboarding process and beyond.

Sounds complicated? Not at all. With Symplify, it’s easy to add InApp tactics to your marketing strategy.

Use InApp messaging to take full advantage of the customer journey:

  • Improve your customers’ onboarding experience by creating welcome messages for new users that include links and instructions to help them get the most out of your app
  • Influence how they navigate your app or website
  • Showcase new content and features
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Present special offers to regular customers
  • Deliver time-sensitive information
  • Remind customers that their subscriptions are about to renew or that they have items waiting for them in their checkout carts
  • Highlight your loyalty program by reminding customers how many credits are available to them
  • Reassure your customers by offering order tracking
  • Incorporate gamification into your visitor experience and encourage habit formation
  • Ask for feedback
  • Encourage reviews and referrals

Adding InApp to your customer journey brings you yet another step closer to offering your target audience a true omnichannel experience. When coupled with one or several of Symplify’s seven other marketing channels, InApp delivers valuable and user specific content to the audiences you care most about. It is a particularly powerful complement to Symplify’s App Push. Finding the best channel for the right message is key to building and maintaining successful relationships. Symplify makes it easy for you to make the most rewarding choices for your customers.

What loyal customer doesn’t want to feel they have a special relationship with the brands they prefer? That their loyalty is recognized, even in the smallest ways? Brands able to identify and reward returning customers through personalization have a huge advantage in an all-too-fickle marketplace.

But whatever happened to Gorden Bowen? The adman behind that famous American Express slogan moved on from Ogilvy and eventually co-founded his own ad agency, McGarryBowen. He took American Express with him. It’s true what they say: a rewarded customer is a loyal customer.

Choose simple InApp messaging from Symplify.

We’ve got your back.