Still stressed out over GDPR? Take a deep yoga-breath and trust the power of Symplify. We offer eight (!) channels in ONE platform to simplify the protection of personal data in your workplace. That literally means that all unsubscribes go into ONE database in real time and immediately apply over all channels. Everything under the same hood. Nice huh?

We believe in the simplicity of everything, literally everything. Even that “unwieldy at first which turned out pretty good” regulation that protects our integrity like never before.

With Symplify, you get the unique protection of personal data through our cross-channel platform, so you can take a relaxing breath and trust that all your personal data is safely protected.

In order for you to be totally GDPR compliant, there are a few important things we want to remind you of when you’re out there creating magic:

  1. Consent requires a positive opt-in. Pre-ticked boxes are a no-go.
  2. Keep consent requests separate from other Terms & Conditions.
  3. Make it easy for people to withdraw their consent – and tell them how to do it (not only because it’s a nice thing to do, it’s also required).
  4. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Meaning – check your consent practices and existing consents. And once you’re done, treat yourself to an extra-large latte (maybe make it a decaf).
  5. Who, When, How – keep evidence of consent. This means that you’ll be able to tell:
  • Who consented
  • When they consented
  • What they were told when they consented
  • Whether they have withdrawn their consent or not. If so when?
  • How they consented (via Facebook, during a checkout etc)

If you’re still stressed out over this, and want to know what it actually means for you and your business – contact us and we’ll help you out.

Last but not least – Keep calm and be GDPR compliant!