It is with great joy we announce our acquisition of the Swedish company SiteGainer, a company specialised in website A/B testing and optimisation.

Increasly is an exciting company with years of experience in A/B testing. They have developed a market leading A/B testing and conversion optimisation platform SiteGainer.

« Simply put, SiteGainer revolutionises website optimisation. We are excited to be part of the Symplify Group as we see mutual benefits with being a part of a global organisation » says Ricard Chramer, CEO of Increasly.

SiteGainer is just as user-friendly as Symplify, but the real icing on the cake is that it will save you time, frustration and ensure significant results as you watch your ROI sky rocket.

Ricard Chramer, CEO Increasly & Robert Kimber, CEO Symplify

Lean back and just let that sink in for a while…

SiteGainer allows for web designers and marketing teams to perform tests on everything to optimise conversion. You need help? No problem – you always have the option to outsource test creation and the entire A/B test process.

We see the addition of SiteGainer to our portfolio as a great extension to what we have to offer on a global scale. Like Symplify, SiteGainer is a great product and we look forward rolling it out in all our markets”, says Robert Kimber, CEO of Symplify.


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