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Refine or Redesign?

Could your bright idea sink your conversion rate? 

Gustav Wicklen (Head of Conversion) and Paul Crisp (CMO) from Symplify will, in conversation, examine an all too common problem when it comes to rebranding or redesigning an existing commercial website.

Redefine your approach to the common rebuild or redesign, and discover how making a CRO implementation strategy an integral to your plan will give you agility instead of increased project scope.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How you can build a sustainable Conversion Optimisation.
  • Practical tips that allow you to test and develop simultaneously.
  • A walkthrough of three excellent relevant examples shows you just how critical a subtle change can be for your bottom line.


Gustav Wicklén
Head of CRO
Symplify Conversion

Paul Crisp