Order confirmations, birthday wishes, membership activations or re-engagement activities, regardless of nature, Symplify has always been a platform for marketing automation. We identified this need at a very early age and have proudly developed automated functionality ever since.

But now, it’s time for the next step in the Symplify journey with (*drum roll*) – Journeys!

You’ve probably set up a fair amount of automations before and know that not only should you meet the expectations of your customers but also engage them. And the nature and complexity of your flow can differ depending on purpose. And differ a lot.

Journeys changes everything!

With Journeys you can build your automated customer journeys in a jiffy. Regardless of complexity.

The scalability in Journeys allows you to start simple, and of course stay that way, or, you can further develop your setup into advanced flows, splitting your customers into different paths depending on customer activity. Set up control groups with a click, and why not let them re-join the main flow at a later point?


Create. Compare. Improve.


Mix and match all your channels and visualize your flows in a completely new way.

You can update your customer journey seamlessly at any time; add, remove, change channels, change delays, even when your Journey is up and running.


What’s your purpose? What touchpoints do you have?

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