What do Facebook, email, SMS, voice and print have in common? Each communications channel is one your customer prefers. Clearly, customer preference is at the core of a customer-first approach. However, for a marketer trying to communicate across all these channels can be time-intensive. Where do you find time for marketing creativity? You look for a better solution.

Most multi-channel platforms are a complicated mess. They require extensive backend integration in order for the channels to work together. Symplify was designed to be multifaceted from the outset.  Our platform offers quick and easy access to eight channels. Your customers have choice, and your teams have peace of mind.

The Customer-First marketing strategy rests on a few key pillars:

– A power shift: all marketers have felt this over the past decade. With the rise in two-way communications platforms like social networks, the customer has greater power than ever before to share their experiences – good and bad – with brands, as well as with friends and family. Gone are the days of consumers shouting at their television screens in frustration; the age of conversation has definitely arrived.

– Insight gathering is a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal: the better you get at identifying and meeting the demands of your various customer segments, the more relevant your content will become and the more likely you’ll be able to stimulate engagement and brand loyalty.

– Silos need to be relegated to the past: marketing must work closely with sales and customer service to ensure customer needs and demands are identified and met. Each group holds valuable insight and their intelligence and efforts must be coordinated.

– Deliver relevant and personalized messaging based on your customer’s preferences. Providing outstanding customer experience means the difference between success and failure in a competitive, global marketplace. Know your customer. Surprise, delight and satisfy them. Your conversion and retention numbers will carry you towards reaching and even surpassing your business objectives.

Consumers are channel agnostic. What other channels are you missing?

Imagine working in a space where you’re able to deliver relevant content to each individual customer based on their platform preference. One of those might be the largest social network on the planet. Facebook boasts over 2.32 billion monthly active users. When it comes to preferred channels, Facebook is definitely part of the mix. How easy has it been for your marketing team to include it in its campaigns?

Adding Facebook to your omnichannel marketing mix should be painless. An effective solution will identify users who will respond to content based on past behaviour, allow you to seamlessly upload those qualified email addresses to Facebook, then let the platform do its magic. So why is this a pain point for marketers? It doesn’t need to be, if you choose Symplify.

And what about Inapp messaging? Again, this should be an easy, accessible channel. It can be, with Symplify. Reach customers with personalized messages each time they login to your portal. Bring them relevant, useful content tailored to their needs and interests. What better way to surprise, delight and retain customers than to offer them the kind of personalized service they’ve come to demand from brands? Others will try. You can deliver.

Care to throw an SMS campaign into your omnichannel mix? Not a problem. With Symplify, you can add this channel almost as quickly as it took you to write your last text message.

Have you considered the dynamic web? Using dynamic landing pages allows you to personalize your messages while enjoying all the benefits of this prioritized channel. Again, it’s simple with Symplify.

Do the realities of an omnichannel world have you panicked and stretched thin? Is adding a new channel complicated? It shouldn’t be. It should take a matter of minutes, not a matter of weeks or even months to reach your target audience with a message they’ll respond to on a platform they prefer. Symplify can get you up and running on day one.

Free yourself from limitations. Be the kind of marketer you were meant to be.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.