Heatmaps give a unique visual insight

Understanding how your visitors interact with your website is essential when searching for possibilities of improvement. Symplify Conversion offers clickmaps and scrollmaps to give a full insight.

Heatmaps takes large amounts of visitor data and turn it into easily understandable visual snapshots of your website.

These snapshots tells you what content the visitor interacts with views. For example, which elements on the website are not used and can be removed or replaced, what content is not seen simply because visitors do not scroll far enough.

To setup a heatmap, follow these steps:

Setup audience segmentation. Choose which visitors should be included in the click, touch, and scroll data collection.

Choose template URL. Determine on which URL to show the heatmap, that is representative of the collected data (based on the audience segment)

Wait for data to collect. Symplify Conversion will then collect scroll, click and touch data from all visitors or a percentage of the visitors based on settings.

View heatmap. Click your heatmap and analyze which parts of your website are used or viewed. Red represents intensive use or high view rate. Yellow represents medium, and blue represents low usage. You can switch between a heatmap that shows click and touch data, and another one showing scroll.

Why use heatmaps?

  • See what content visitors interact with
  • Get a visual representation of click, touch and scroll interaction.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • A great way to show data for clients, bosses or coworkers
  • Speed up user testing
  • Increase conversions and engagement
  • More cost effective than eye tracking

What can you identify with a heatmap?

  • Elements that are not clicked
  • Elements that should not be clicked
  • How visitors use navigation
  • Where on the layout the most profitable products or call to actions should be placed
  • Changes in behavior in A/B test variations
  • If visitors generally see content below fold
  • Average fold height
  • If visitors interact with contact details
  • How visitors interact with dynamic content
  • If struggling with banner blindness
  • How images affect behavior
  • How banner sliders/carousels work
  • How summaries should be used
  • And lots more!

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