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Growing your donor base – A 2021 Playbook for Nonprofits

Unlock the full potential of your donor base through conversion optimization and donor engagement automation.

Donar expectations have evolved. They expect greater personalization and donor experiences. In this webinar, learn how leading Nonprofits are leveraging donor insights and omnichannel donor engagement to acquire more potential donors and increase contributions from existing donors.

  • Ever wonder what your prospects or donors are doing on your website?
  • Do you wish you can continuously increase donation conversions month-over-month?
  • Need a more efficient way to retain donors from churning?
Attend this webinar to learn:
  1. The tools used by leading organizations to gain valuable donor insights by observing exactly what donors are doing on their website.
  2. How nonprofit leverage donor insights to update their websites to increase donation transactions and conversion.
  3. Why leveraging omnichannel automation is critical to create personalized donor journeys that winback dormant donors and deepens donor relations


Paul Crisp
CMO, Symplify