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Experimentation and Peer to Peer marketing | Two (new) ways to increase your profitability

Join Symplify and Redeal as we walk you through peer to peer marketing and experimentations part in optimizing your customer journey for higher profitability.

 The cost of driving traffic has increased rapidly over the last 10 years and revenue streams that were once very profitable are likely to have lost its efficiency. In this webinar, you’ll learn two ways to increase ROI on all marketing activities by working with experimentation and peer to peer marketing.

In this webinar we’ll present: 
  • Where is digital marketing today.
  • Three use cases where experimentation and peer to peer marketing made a difference.
  • Two ways of activating customers, both pre and post-purchase.
  • How to optimize the perception of an offer.
  • Customer cases from Babyshop, Sportsdeal and Nordic feel.


Lukas Rogvall
CRO Specialist, Symplify Conversion

Victor Wennerholm
CEO Redeal