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Bring your customer journey to life with true OMNICHANNEL engagement

1 000+ companies use Symplify’s omninchannel platform to comunicate via emailSMSAPP pushWeb pushDynamic webBrowser pushVoicePrint

Machine learning CRM including Churn Prevention, LTV analysis, CPA reporting and propensity management.

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Used by thousands, communicating to billions

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Omnichannel Marketing Cloud

Omnichannel Marketing Cloud

Send email, sms, web push, app push, print, dynamic web, social and voice all from one single platform. Engage your customer lifecycle data from day 1.

  • Conversion stats on demand
  • Onboard customer segments
  • One editor for 8 channels
  • Visual heatmap

Build and edit your customer lifecycle journey in real time using customer events and campaigns.

  • One-click onboarding setup
  • Start a journey from any event
  • Seamless channel switch
  • Feedback from day one
Infinite Journey Builder

Enterprise Service & Support

Enterprise Service & Support

We empower you as you power up your sales. Our mission is to make sure you get everything you need to take your marketing communication to the next level.

  • Onboarding

  • Technical support

  • Product use strategy

  • Best practices implementation

The Multi-Channel Platform

The Multi-Channel Platform



Campaign, transaction and autosend.

Web Push

Web Push

Reach out to your customers onsite

App Push

App Push

Get to the top of your customers device.


Rich content, campaign and transactional SMS.

Dynamic Web

Create bespoke landing pages in seconds.


Reach out to your customers physically.


Automated welcome and campaign calls.



Reach to your customers in their social feed.

“At Klarna, channel choice is important”

At Klarna, channel choice is important, we know that no one customer is the same. We can reach our customers with relevant content in their preferred channels, at any time and all from the Symplify platform.

– Martin Wassborn, Domain lead Consumer Growth & Loyalty, Klarna

Used by thousands, communicating to billions

Latest blog posts

Latest blog posts

10 E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics that you can implement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Did you know that e-commerce sales now represent nearly 50% of all retail growth? Not surprising in our current environment. Get in control and check out 10 E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics that you can implement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What our customers say

Arno Selvini - Star Stable

“With a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place”

Symplify, with it’s agile drag drop journey builder, meant that with a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place and fully automated from day one of a customers life cycle.”

Arno Selvini, Head of CRM

“The best Marketing automation and CRM tool available”

Symplify has made it possible to manage full customer lifecycles and marketing automation without the need for big CRM teams.Very simple to learn without any prior crm, technical or html knowledge. Great UX with logical steps and everything easy to find.

The Expertise pages give full guidance on everything with simple step-by-step and video instructions.The Symplify Email editor is by far the best, you can drag and drop and build a beautiful email in just minutes.

Malou Neguembor, Head of CRM, Zodiac Technologies

“Intuitive system and excellent consultant team”

Several departments within our organization use Symplify on a daily basis. The system is intuitive and easy to use – and with several automated flows a smooth process is very much appreciated.

If any obstacles or change is needed a highly efficient and skilled consultant- and support team will sit by to help you out. Being a small Marketing department Symplify also counts as our ‘extended hand’ which gives us the security we are always looking for in a partnership.

Jenny Gaffner, Marketing Manager

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